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Since 2005 we have been supporting private persons, as well as companies in relocating their new staff to Zurich and the neighbouring cantons (Zug, Schwyz, Aargau, Schaffhausen, Thurgau, und St. Gallen). We take a great effort in making the newcomers feel at home in our wonderful country.

Our support starts with Awareness tours, followed up with househunting tours, registering and de-registering with authorities and includes applying for resident permits and the search for the perfect kindergarten or school for your children. Departure service included. Finally, our departure service is helpful when you are planning to leave Switzerland. Our services are uncomplicated, fast, courteous and pleasant to deal with – this is what our clients say about our services.

We want to say thank you to more than 1700 happy clients since 2005!


Relocation Services

Find and advertise apartments

Furnished flat for short- or longterm stay? With pleasure, we will help you, quickly and uncomplicated.

Schools and child care

You are looking for the perfect school for your children? We will help find schools that are suitable for your childs needs.

Househunting tour

From viewing suitable flats or houses up to registering and being present at hand-over, we are there for you.

Replacement tenant or subtenant

We will gladly take over the tiresome business of looking for a new tenant for you - quickly, uncomplicatedly and reliably.

Home staging

Home Staging is the art of decorating a home to sell quickly or rent and for more money on the real estate market.

Departure Service

When its time to say goodbye – we are here and will help make your departure as smooth as possible.


  • Contact via E-Mail or telephone
  • Response within 6 hours
  • You receive our offer..
  • ... …and questionnaires to know your requirements

Checking your requirements

  • discussing requirements via phone call
  • research of suitable flats and/or houses
  • Organizing the orientation tour
  • Meeting you in the hotel and starting the tour
  • Househunting tour – visiting objects together
  • You choose 3 of up to 10 flats or houses
  • We fill in the application form and apply for the three flats/houses you like most
  • After we receive a response from the property management company we inform you.

Checking the rental contract

  • We check the rental contract and explain all details
  • As soon as deposit and first rent are paid to the property management company we meet you for the handover with protocol to ensure everything is fine.

Important extras

  • Registering at Kreisbüro (in Zurich) or Community
  • Open a bank account
  • Support in finding the right insurance (mandatory health insurance, private liability, household insurance, etc.)
  • Of course we are always helpful whenever you have a question after our services are finished

Home search and advertise properties

Next to our classic relocation service we also offer a platform where you can advertise your flat. Are you looking for a replacement tenant, who should take over your apartment? Or would you like to sublease your apartment, because you are travelling or have a project abroad and dont want to give up your apartment in Switzerland? Then you can contact us – we will find a suitable replacement tenant or a tenant for sublease! We have a network of clients who are in need of short and longterm rentals – furnished or unfurnished.

Fair conditions (only one-time payment, no subscription), like-minded target group and a selection that we can expand with our advice. Take a look around, we look forward to hearing from you.


The usual search for a flat starts online. On our website you will find suitable flats – furnished and unfurnished.


Place an ad on our website for a fair price. Only one time fee. Changes can be made anytime. Fast, easy, fair. Welcome.


If you are not sure what the best solution is? Contact us and we will help.


Your advantages

Response within 6 hours guaranteed

Comptent support since 2005

- Exclusive helpline for clients

One stop support for all relocation questions


Before I got in touch with Jennifer, I was told both by colleagues, acquaintances and other relocation services, that I needed to accept several months in temporary housing as part of moving to Zürich. To Jennifer, this notion was completely unacceptable and sure enough, we were able to move in to our permanent home on our first day in Switzerland with Jennifer's excellent help. It saved my wife and I a tremendous amount of time and stress and I would recommend Jennifer to anyone looking to relocate to the canton of Zürich.

Colosseum Dental Group


We were very fortunate to get introduced to Jennifer as we planned our relocation to Switzerland from the United States. Moving to a different country is a stressful experience, but Jennifer calmly and expertly guided us through the process. She helped us understand options in Zurich and the pros and cons of the various neighborhoods based on our lifestyle and wishes. Her feedback on some of the available choices was invaluable in focusing on the areas that would best suit our needs. Since we were not in Zurich, she arranged remote viewings of multiple apartments, and advised us on ways to increase our odds in a really competitive rental market. In the end, she found our apartment through her professional network. She also provided good advice and referrals for other aspects of getting settled in Switzerland, including securing insurance. We highly recommend her! (2022)

Microsoft Corporation

I'm a Software Engineer who recently relocated from Latvia to Switzerland. I arrived with two cats and immediately started looking for permanent apartments. I was very stressed and wanted to do it before I started work. I understood that this task was too difficult for me and then I wrote to Jennifer. I described my situation and there was only a week to find a quiet apartment with a washing machine where cats will be allowed. The task looked impossible, but Jennifer did it! She found a few variants, and the third one was perfectly good to me. Jennifer did an apartment search very comfortably, she found apartments, communicated with landlords, brought me from the place where I lived to an apartment, did all the explanations, followed my interests, and provided me with a lot of useful information about the place and country. Her email exchange is quick and she is ready to answer any question. She also helped me by recommending an insurance consultant. I highly recommend Jennifer to everyone who needs help searching for an apartment. It is really worth it, you will save your time and nerves. (2022)

ti&m AG

ti&m Zürich Logo
Leonteq Securities AG Logo

We highly recommend the services offered by Swiss Relocation, especially Jennifer. Our experience has been excellent: facilitation of rental, insurance and registration. With her help, we have managed to have the smoothest possible transition to Switzerland. If you ever find yourself in a position needing help with moving and integration into the Swiss way of doing things, she is your most helpful go to! (2021)

Leonteq Securities AG

Thanks to Jennifer we found our dream apartment! We couldn't be more satisfied with the service from All-in-One Relocation. Jennifer's excellent advice, reliable communication, and absolute commitment made our move from California to Switzerland a lot easier. Jennifer always listened carefully, considered our needs first, and spared no effort to support our search for an apartment in Zurich. My family and I can wholeheartedly recommend Jennifer's service. (2022)

Universität Zürich

Universität Zürich
SpencerStuart Zürich

Impeccable flat, all functional, with renewed furnish, in a very nice location in Seefeld. But what makes the whole experience even more positive is the fantastic support from Jennifer, who was instrumental for me in two very critical moments during my stay, reacting fast and providing me the full support when necessary. She goes beyond what is expected and does not measure efforts to make you feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend anyone to make a deal with Jennifer and Swiss Relocation Services. (2021)

Spencer Stuart Zurich

I moved to Zürich in 2019 to pursue a shiny new job as a SRE Engineer at Google. In order to avoid being taxed in the country of origin on top of the Swiss taxes (we are talking about serious taxes here), I needed to settle my status in a short time frame. The main thing is to find a suitable accommodation, which can be tricky if you do not live in Switzerland (the lenders want you to see the apartment beforehand in order to avoid legal challenges later). And to stay in Zürich area would be a strain for a modest budget available. I found Mrs jennifer Stiers over the internet, where she offers exactly the kind of services I needed. First - very important -- she reassured me that all can and will be in place well within the time limits. Then she organised a complete apartment-hunting safari, 9 viewings in a working day, covering Adliswil, Zürich center, Oerlikon and all the way to Züricher Unterland - as we have indicated an interest in a range of locations. She also handled all the conversations (there are no negotiations when renting, the price is given) and form-filling. Finally assisted with the contract and an actual handover. Furthermore her associate arranged personal liability and healthcare insurances, thoroughly explaining legal requirements and various options. All this was performed well within agreed time frame and with no hidden costs. So, as our business with the Mrs Stiers concluded, our stay in Zürich was oven ready. All of that with a very personal, warm and friendly attitude. I cannot over-recommend her services. She turned, what is by nature a stressful venture, into a care-free and actually pleasant adventure. A year later, as we were looking for a larger apartment on account of COVID-19 and work-from-home situation. Jennifer was also helpful here. She simply stated, "you are stillmy customers" and helped us polish our applications - even though that time, being already experienced and seasoned Zürichers, we searched on our own. Thanks to her good contacts with administrators and homeowners, we will soon be able to move into the larger apartment. We can highly recommend her services. (2021)


Steiner AG

I from the HR team at Steiner AG would like to thank Jennifer Stiers and her team for their great help. For helping us to find the right apartments/homes in Zurich and its surroundings for our employees moving to Switzerland from abroad. We appreciate all the hard work in finding our new colleagues a home and for taking care of all the aspects that would have been difficult for them like arranging viewing appointments, communicating with the landlord, entrance inspections and legal paperwork. Jennifer and her team have extensive local knowledge and contacts and are a wealth of information about Zurich/Switzerland which helps our employees understand various cultural aspects of their new home town and country. This service is a fantastic help for us in our onboarding process. (2021)

Steiner AG

In January 2019, I moved to Zurich from the US to work at the La Prairie brand. Jennifer assisted me with my home search. Initially, Jennifer helped me identify the ideal location based on my lifestyle. She was dedicated to find me the place that would suit me best. Together, we narrowed down my search to 2-3 districts and new constructions. After a few visits, I found out that Zurich Seefeld was the place to be. Once we visited a contemporary apartment close to the lake, Jennifer was instrumental in supporting my application with the broker. The end-to-end process lasted less than a month. Jennifer has an intimate understanding of what her clients want. Coupled with an outstanding knowledge of the region and rental market place. On top, she has a solid network. Bilingual in English and German, Jennifer is the perfect partner to assist multicultural clients who plan to settle down in Zurich. As an insider, she knows the good restaurants, places to go and best tips to enjoy the Swiss art of life. Today, thanks to Jennifer, I call Zurich home. (2019)

La Prairie Group AG

la prairie

I was lucky enough to get support from Jennifer when I came to Switzerland in March 2018. All has been taking care of, with no issues. So, in a few days I got it all done. Anything for my "B" permit application, appartment search, car purchase, insurances and tested my first "Gipfeli"! Thanks Jennifer! (2018)


My name is Real Chamberland and I was the VP global engineering for the Propulsion and control division of Bombardier Transportation (a global manufacturer of railway equipment ) from 2008 till 2013. For that position, I was relocated in Zurich, and I hired the company Swiss relocation services owned by Jennifer Stiers. I received an excellent service and personal attention from Jennifer and my family. We could easily be integrated in both a temporary and permanent housing, including all related paper work for immigration. She was also very helpful for the return back to Canada for a new position in 2013 for Bombardier. I would strongly recommend her to any persons/family relocating to that area. (2012)

Bombardier Transportation

Vision Ophthalmology Group

Before looking for apartments: After we moved to Switzerland, we were encountered by the challenge of finding an apartment that suits our location, size and budget. Jennifer was referred to us by a friend. Quickly after the first contact, we met Jennifer and she explained to us the rental property market, the process and what to expect. In few days, she sent us a shortlist of apartments to review and visit. This put us immediately at ease. During Inspection: She picked us up from the hotel and showed us the prospect apartments. She wanted to make sure we were fine and comfortable. After a few days, we landed on the right apartment. She coordinated and facilitated the meetings with the landlord or the onsite managers. She explained to us the detailed paperwork and the next steps. After settling-in: After settling in the apartment, she followed up several times to ensure that all well and we are happy. In summary, Jennifer is punctual, friendly, custom focused and minded, reassuring, engaging and always checking. We do appreciate her services and definitely recommend her to others. (2019)

Vision Ophthalmology Group

My experience with Swiss Relocation Services GmbH has been enormously positive. As a foreigner moving to Zurich from abroad due to a temporary work opportunity, I could not have asked for a better service since they provide ready-to-move-in apartments. The communication with them was very efficient (even during weekends), so the rental process ran very smoothly. In short, I will definitely contact them again if I ever move back to Switzerland! (2019)


Universität Zürich

My experience with Swiss Relocation is a perfect one. Despite the limitations of the coronavirus and the small baby, which limited me for the house inspection, Mrs. Stiers was able to find a nice apartment for my family. It was quite a difficult case to find a flat for me due to also having pets. Therefore, I am very grateful someone found the flat for me. I would not be able to do that myself without traveling from my newborn child. Jennifer was always very kind and nice to discuss the rentals, insurances, and others. I am looking forward to the flat handover that will be in almost a week. (2020)

Universität Zürich

I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer on a few projects in the past. Jennifer was an enormous enrichment. Highly professional, efficient and loyal. She always had a solution and a good approach to turn any problems into new options. Again and again with pleasure. (2013)


Thank You

I highly recommend Frau Stiers for helping find an apartment and managing the move out process. I am not sure how we would have done it without her. We hired Jennifer because we heard that it is very difficult to find a home in Zurich - especially with five cats - and it can take a long time. Friends had applied for many apartments without success. She showed us several suitable apartments, including in areas of the city we were not yet familiar with. We got our very first choice in a wonderful neighborhood she introduced us to. We could not have been happier with the help she provided and know we would not have found such a lovely apartment without her help. She also helped us when we left the country by managing all of the move-out process after we left. Moving overseas with a family and five cats is a big task. Frau Ochalek's help in dealing with the apartment and the landlord was invaluable. (2016)


I had the pleasure working with Jennifer on my relocation to Switzerland while I was working at a global US based bank. She was instrumental from the months leading to my move, the actual day of the move; and always checking in on how we were adjusting to Swiss life once we were settled. She made us relaxed through the entire transition. She was very thorough and efficient in ensuring all documentation and legality was in proper order, including our housing. She was so helpful guiding us and educating on the Swiss way of living, things to do, transportation, etc. An outstanding level to detail and service. Job well done! (2007)

Lawandy Advisors

Lawandy Advisors